I was born on a farm over forty years ago.  During my youth there was nothing but farms and bare land as far as the eye could see.  Today that land is covered with tract housing.  Our family was one of the last to sell.  My grandfather was convinced there was little hope for the small independent farmer in the face of giant, global agribusiness.  Roughly 90% of the producers in our portfolio are farming fewer than 50 acres of land and many are working with holdings much smaller than that.  I am extremely proud to represent these hardworking growers and hope that in our own small way we can assist them in preserving an honorable and valuable tradition.


Moonlight Wine Co. was founded in 2008.  Since the inception, our desire to bring the great wines of Europe to the United States remains the same.  There is a wide world of wine available today.  We leave the other continents to others.  Our passion is in the traditions and style of wine produced in what some refer to as the Old World.  We seek out producers who are not only respectful of the land they farm but also the environment in general.  Equally important in our search is to find those who keep human intervention to a minimum as their grapes are transformed into wine, thus allowing the finished product to provide a true expression of what their vineyards have given them. These are the wines we love and it gives us great pleasure to know others enjoy them too.


Moonlight began by importing and distributing about 20 different wines in New York City.  Our portfolio is now close to ten times that size and we now distribute directly in New York, New Jersey and California.  Some of our wines are now distributed in several other states though our partners.  We are still a small company.  As we grow we'll continue to  aim for the highest possible standards and maintain our focus on representing producers dedicated to producing wonderful and unique wines that enhance the pleasure of living.


On behalf of all our growers and our company, we sincerely thank you for your interest and support.